12 Bone-Chilling Horror Games for PS5

The newest generation of console gaming is here but there are already some really compelling horror titles – and games with heavy horror elements – to look forward to. From the supernatural to the psychologically terrifying, here are 12 such games for the PlayStation 5 that you should look into. If you dare.

Though more of a supernatural action adventure game, there’s plenty of frightening goings-on in GhostWire: Tokyo. Most of the city’s population has vanished, followed by the arrival of the Visitors – hostile spirits based on Japanese folklore. There’s one resembling the kuchisake-onna, a slit-mouthed woman that goes around scarring people’s faces with scissors. Faceless, suit-wearing foes can be seen which bear a strong resemblance to Slenderman and there are headless spirits running around as well. That’s not including the mysterious Hannya mask-wearing group who have their own motives. GhostWire: Tokyo is currently slated to release in 2021 for PS5 and PC first.

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