Destiny 2 Hotfix Improves Service Stability, Removes Heir Apparent From Exotic Archive

Bungie deployed hotfix for Destiny 2 recently, which helped resolve a crash that Xbox players faced when using Vaults in the Tower. It also added some back-end changes to improve overall service stability. Servers have been under strain since Beyond Light launched so hopefully this should help matters.

Surprisingly enough, the hotfix has managed to re-enable Legendary handcannon Rose. However, it’s also been “fixed” and now fires at 140 RPM instead of 150 RPM. Another change is in the removal of Heir Apparent from the Monument to Lost Lights – Exotic Archive. The heavy machine gun was exclusive to the Guardian Games event so this change was likely done to preserve its place.

Finally, Collectors Edition owners whose emblems were not being granted or appearing in their collections should see the issue resolved. These aren’t the end of issues affecting Destiny 2 in the wake of Beyond Light. Witherhoard is still disabled and Trials of Osiris has been delayed to November 27th due to issues. Stay tuned for more details on updates in the meantime.

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