Star Wars: Squadrons – Fostar Haven Map, Two New Ships and More Announced

Motive Studios has some free content coming up for Star Wars: Squadrons, starting on November 25th which provides balance changes and a new multiplayer map – Fostar Haven. It will be available in Fleet Battles and Dogfight Mode. Four new components will also be added – the Boost Extension Kit for Fighters and Bombers; Ion Rockets for Interceptors and Fighters; and much more.

Sometime in December, the developer will be adding two new Starfighters – the B-Wing for the New Republic and the TIE Defender for the Empire. While the former is classified as a Bomber, the latter is a Fighter but each has their own unique properties. The B-Wing offers a gyro-cockpit while the TIE Defender has shields.

Custom Matches are also coming which will allow up to five players on two teams to battle across seven maps in Dogfight and Fleet Battles (with more likely coming later). Players can modify damage, capital ship health, ban certain Starfighters and much more. There will even be a server browser to search for custom matches. Stay tuned for more details on this update in the coming weeks.

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