Watch Dogs: Legion Guide – Essential Gadgets and Upgrades

Watch Dogs: Legion presents a whole world of NPCs to recruit as playable characters. However, while their skill sets and perks will be useful, you’ll also want to invest in different gadgets. These are unlocked with Tech Points which you gather throughout the map – head here for more details on all of their locations.

What are all the different gadgets that can be unlocked? Let’s start with the Deep Profiler, which is essential when recruiting NPCs. If an NPC doesn’t have a good opinion of DedSec, they can’t be recruited but with the Deep Profiler, you can investigate a lead that – once completed – will allow for pursuing their recruitment. This is very useful when trying to convince Albion contractors to join DedSec, especially since their Uniformed Access perk is great.

The AR Cloak and AR Shroud are the standard tools of any stealth players kit. The former lets you turn invisible, even in broad daylight and can be upgraded for longer duration. The latter will turn you invisible after performing a takedown which is pretty useful when you’re able to perform takedowns from longer range with the AR Cloak. Next up is the Spiderbot which is used for scouting, finding collectibles and other sneaky stuff. Upgrade it as soon as possible for the ability to double jump and cloak.

Riot Drones can be some of the more annoying enemies in the game. So invest in the Riot Drone Hack to temporarily throw them off and gain some breathing room. Of course, there’s also the DedSec Grenade Launcher which can take down multiple drones at once – get that if you need more firepower. As for human enemies, consider investing in Gun Jam since this will stop them from utilizing any firearms. It’s perfect for close combat and frontlining play-styles.

The Electro-Shock Trap is less recommended but still useful. It will knock out enemies instead of killing them and helps in dealing with patrols. If you’re savvy enough, it can be used defensively as well to prevent any pursuers.

Watch Dogs: Legion is currently available for Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.

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